The Tinder Sessions

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Tinder Photography in Niagara, Ontario? Yup. It's a thing, and if it's not a thing, I'm going to make it a thing. 

Ladies/Gents- Let's be honest, when you're swiping through Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, Elite, Match or EHarmony, what's the first thing you look at? Any guesses? That's right- their photos.

Trust me- admission of guilt- I myself, have wasted a lot of time swiping. Another guilty admission, sometimes I swipe for fun in the company of friends and we maaaaay poke fun of some helpless fella's profile photos once and while. (It actually happens more often than not- wow, Im just unloading ALL of the guilt here.)

That said, Im going to repent by offering the following advice/services.

Visual impressions are the first impression you give, and living in a society of instant gratification, we tend to not give the bio section a read unless we like what we see in the profile photos first. Hence, if you're sporting grainy, underexposed, blurry, or awkwardly cropped pics of yourself, you're probably missing out on a TON of matches. 


So, long story short, first impressions are pretty much the only thing you get these days in the world of digital dating, so let's get you representing your AWESOME self like a pro.

Never had a professional photography session? Don't worry- I promise it's nothing like George's here. 


My promise is an experience that not only will get you the results you have been looking for with your online dating, but a fun and empowering experience that will make you FEEL GOOD about yourself and all of the awesomeness you have to offer the world! 

So let's cut to the grease here Racheal. Just how much are we talking for one of these 'Tinder-thingie-sessions'? Am I gonna lose my shirt?


Package OneThe You're So Basic: $50

15 Minute Session

5 Professionally-Edited, Digital Images to be shared

Files delivered within 10 business days


Package TwoThe Social Butterfly: $110

30 Minute Session

10 Professionally-Edited, Digital Images to be shared

Files delivered within 8 business days


Package ThreeThe Gold Upgrade: $150

60 Minute Session

40 Professionally-Edited, Digital Images to be shared

Multiple Outfit changes (encouraged)

Files delivered within 4 business days

AND, Your photos will be available in a private, online gallery for downloading-ease.


Want to make a party of it? Grab a few friends, save some coin and get a group discount. The more- the merrier I always say. 



You won't be sorry you did when you're mackin' on Tinder like a boss!


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